Pieter van den Berg

Pieter van den Berg

Favourite growing method: Aquaponics
About Pieter:

Pieter has extensive knowledge in the hospitality industry and experience in retail, along with a passion for sustainable growing that drives him to change the face of agriculture as we see it today. Pieter believes that by adding 1 billion more people in Africa within the next 25 years we urgently need innovative thinking in the field of agriculture.  Given that water scarcity is increasing globally with changes in the weather patterns, protective agriculture will become the norm of the future to ensure food security for our planet.

Pieter focuses on the plant side of the aquaponics, seeing aqua-culture as a bonus.
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Pieter works with one of the largest retail groups in South Africa to ensure sustainable fresh produce planning.

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Pieter is also working with well-known fruit tree farmers to develop in house systems to ensure safe growing environments to manage risks of hail and drought and make in house farming of fruit trees viable.


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