Our approach to growing food crops combines five major concepts to the art and science of growing by combining great design with the latest technologies and aeroponic growing systems connected to panels of expert growers in the cloud using online “internet of things” sensors and machine learning to help you produce exceptional results. AirGrowcery units are available to rent or buy, in a variety of configurations suited to different environments, uses and budgets including Corporate, Industrial and home environments.

Corporate Options

Aeroponics Solutions - CorporateDesigned to be installed in company foyers and delis, these fully functional and fully supported systems are feature-and-display units that are available in a variety of eye catching designs.

Not only do they look good, they also produce amazing crops, even more so when supported by an AirGrowcery horticulturist in the cloud. Our unique growing service connects your units to expert growers in the cloud, to help you produce the best crops. Find out more about our corporate options here.

In-Home Options

Aeroponics Solutions - In-homeAirGrowcery systems for your home will complement your kitchen and dining areas by design whilst producing food you can eat within seconds of harvesting. Options include fully-supported, fully automated, basic aeroponic systems or traditional units.

Connect your system to a concierge from our panel of experts who will monitor your crop data to provide you with pre-emptive information to enhance the performance of your crops.

If you’re already an aeroponic expert, you can simply select “Set and Forget” mode. Once you program your parameters, your system will maintain itself within the boundaries you choose.

If you prefer a hands-on approach or are operating on a limited budget, choose the basic aeroponic enabled options or functional-display-unit only.

To help everyone get closer to food independence, we’ve also negotiated some flexible financing options for you.

Architectural Consulting

Aeroponics Solutions - Architectural ConsultingConsult our experts to include aeroponic systems in your new age designs considering food independence, natural diets and healthy eating. Our expertise covers technical design, technology, water quality and treatment as well as growing systems.

Recycle and Upcycle

Aeroponics - recycle upcycle refrigeratorIt seems as if almost every home has and old fridge lying around that doesn’t work anymore…

If you are interested in converting your broken fridge into an aeroponic system, please send us details of the make, model and some interior as well as exterior dimensions and photographs and we will explore the possibilities with you.

Urban and Industrial Farmers

Aeroponics Solutions - Urban & Industrial farmersUrban farming is increasing rapidly as it is fuelled by advances in technologies that enable farmers to grow and produce closer to their markets whilst avoiding expensive transportation costs. Aeroponic systems can deliver much higher yields without some of the risks associated with the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Working in teams to deliver complimentary expertise, our professionals are available to help you design, build, install and manage warehouse farms that produce amazing results.
If you already know what you want, click here to shop for systems and components in our online store.

Traditional Farming

Aeroponics Solutions - Traditional FarmingIf you are interested in exploring options to add aeroponic or hydroponic systems to your existing operations, please feel free to consult one our experts or shop for systems and/or components in our online store.

Higher yields with lower costs help to improve your overall profit margins.

Explore our innovative financing options to avoid capital costs and ease your way into lucrative aeroponics options.

Community Farming

Home growers with aspirations to sell speciality-crops to local stores and restaurants, choose any of the in-home aeroponic system options and services. Our expert growers will help you select seeds and plants to service your customers and can help you grow better and faster to make more profit. Our online monitoring and advisory platform ensures that you get help and guidance fast, when you need it and avoids crop failure with early warnings using real-time data transmitted directly from your aeroponic system. Our small-crop-futures program helps you connect with customers and coordinates growing plans with future demand to ensure that you always have a buyer when you’re ready to sell.

Small-Crop Futures

Buyers know what they’re buying by being as they’re able to see the data and sellers know that they have buyers for their crops. Seller reputations are established over time, based on growing-data as well as feedback from buyers.

Aeroponic Farming Education

Interested in a formal education in Aeroponics? Complete one of our Practical aeroponic farming for beginners or embark on a more intensive and Aeroponic Grower certification.

Aeroponic Systems Financing

To make your aeroponic dreams come true, we’ve put together some affordable financing options in collaboration with accredited partners.  We work closely with our partners to make sure that the offering is tailored to your needs and help to lower the barriers to entry into aeroponics for you.  To find out more about our innovative financing options, go to Finance application.


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